Sastra Inggris

English Morphosyntax

This book discusses about morphology
and key concept, derivational morphemes, word classes, syntax
and its key concept, phrase and clause categories and
construction, syntactic structure, english sentence analyses using
chinese box, sentences analysis tree diagram, theories in modern

Speaking For General Communication

This book discusses about speaking for general communication,
greeting, introducing oneself and others, asking and giving factual
information, expressing likes and dislikes, telling good and bad
news,stating / enquiring whether one knows or does not know a
person, thing, or fact. then, expressing and enquering for
remembering and forgetting, expressing and enquiring ability/
inability to do something, expressing and enquiring happiness
unhappiness, expressing gratitude, making and accepting apology,
dealing with communication problems, how to invite people?,
informing directions, and also making an appropriate phone call.

English in Maritime Vocation

This book discusses about maritime in general, the background
of maritime, ship knowledge, the activites in ship, the purpose of
studying about ships, shipping, navigation, marine communication,
emergencies, and also the importance of english in maritime vocation.

Adjectives And Adverbs

Defenition of Adverbs, Position of adjectives, Adjectives that
behave like nouns: ‘ Ed/ing’ endings, Adjectives after ‘be’, ‘seem’,
etc, The comparison of adjectives, Adverbs of manner, Adverbs ofti
me, Adverbs of frequency, Adverbial phrases of duration. The proce
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